• Audio / Video
    Let us help you on your new home theater, lighting, whole home audio & video. It can be a maze trying to find out what you actually need to set up you dream, we will sit down and understand your needs before coming up with a solution that fits your need and pocket so you can invest wisely. We will give you a full breakdown and detailed diagram showing you where everything will be placed. From a new home, basement conversion or just want to build on what you already have, we can help design and build on your dream.
  • Information Technology
    Covering all aspects of your IT requirements from consultancy, product fulfillment, installation and support. We identify the best technologies to fit your current business goals and budget, we ensure that those technologies continue to work, grow and evolve with you in the future. Main area’s of specialization, Storage, Security, Visualization and communication
  • Web Design
    Need a website, web design, development or even  SEO Services? Allow us provide an end to end solutions to your web needs.